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Optimal v0.14.0

Build Status

Options object builder and validator.


Pass a plain object and a blueprint to Options. The blueprint defines every property, its type, and its value within the options object.

The plain object is then validated, built, and returned.

import Options, { bool, string, number, func } from 'optimal';
const options = new Options({
  bool: false,
  number: 10,
  object: {
    foo: 'A',
}, {
  bool: bool(true),
  string: string('foo'),
  number: number(5).between(0, 10),
  func: func(),
  object: {
    foo: string('a').oneOf(['a', 'b', 'c']),
    bar: string('b'),
  bool: false,
  string: 'foo',
  number: 10,
  func: null,
  object: {
    foo: 'A',
    bar: 'b',
const {
  string, // foo 
  number, // 10 
} = options;