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A Simplified Command Line Tool for AWS OpsWorks

What's Opie?

Opie is a command line tool that makes it easy to start/stop instances and deploy apps in AWS OpsWorks.


# install it (globally) 
$ npm install opie -g
# use it 
$ opie --help
# configure your Stack ID (OpsWorks ID) 
$ opie add-stack 01234567-abcd-0123-abc-abcd1234efgh
# displays a list of instances and apps for each configured stack 
$ opie list
# start an instance 
$ opie start myappserver01
# deploy an app to an instance 
$ opie deploy myapp myappserver01

Stack Id / OpsWorks Id

The Stack Id is called OpsWorks Id in AWS and can be found on the stack settings screen. Stack Id Screenshot

Pro Tip!
You can have more than one stack. Just call add-stack for every stack you have.


  • start : start an instance opie start <instance> [stack]
  • stop : stop an instance opie stop <instance> [stack]
  • deploy : deploy an app to an instance opie deploy <app> <instance> [stack]
  • list : list the configured stacks opie list
  • add-stack : add a stack id to the configuration opie add-stack <stack id>

Pro Tip!
You only need to include the stack argument if more than one stack has the same instance name.

You can include a comment with the deploy command by using --comment "your comment".


A config file will be generated into your home dir. The region defaults to "us-east-1", if you need to change it you'll need to edit this file.


AWS credentials

Opie uses your same AWS credentials that the AWS CLI uses. It will look for your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key located at ~/.aws/credentials. If you are already using the AWS CLI, then you shouldn't need to do anything additional.

You can read more about how to set this up in the AWS CLI Getting Started Guide