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NodeJS Backup Tool (Import/Export) for HPE's Operations Orchestration

Currently suports only backup of configuration items


  1. Backup of Users, and Roles
  2. Backup of Flows
  3. Backup of Schedules
  4. Backup of Audits
  5. Backup of LDAP Configuration


operations-orchestration-backup is a handy console command line utility which allows to easily interact with an installed deployment of HPE's Operations Orchestration application in order to quickly perform a backup export or import operation.



Operations Orchestration Backup tool is developed with NodeJS, and as such it requires the runtime and toolchain for it. Installing NodeJS (depending on your platform):

  1. https://nodejs.org - once downloaded and installed you will have both nodejs runtime and npm (the package manager) available in your operation system.


Install the tool easily with npm, after which the tool will be available in your command line prompt to run.

npm install -g operations-orchestration-backup
  • Linux Users - you may need to prefix the install command with sudo: sudo npm install -g operations-orchestration-backup
  • Windows Users - you will need to run installation command from within an Administrator command line

Windows Users

For Windows users, you can use a pre-built package that includes the node.exe binary and all the modules dependencies for this project by downloading it from HPE Live Network


Once installed, this tool provides a shell command that can be executed to to perform an export or import of data to an HPE Operations Orchestration deployment.

Command line options:

Param Type Description
-u or --username string Username for Operations Orchestration that is allowed to query the API
-p or --password string Password for the Username provided
--import string Provide a JSON file name to import all the data from into an OO install expecting an array of objects
--export string Provide a file name to export all the data to as JSON object

Export from OO

Performing an export of an OO install to a JSON file:

operations-orchestration-backup --username admin --password admin --url http://localhost:8050 --export mydata.json

Import to OO

Performing an import from a previously prepared JSON file (an array of objects) directly into an OO install:

operations-orchestration-backup --username admin --password admin --url http://localhost:8050 --import mydata.json


Liran Tal liran.tal@gmail.com

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