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NodeJS Backup Tool (Import/Export) for HPE's Operations Orchestration


operations-orchestration-backup is a handy console command line utility which allows to easily interact with an installed deployment of HPE's Operations Orchestration application in order to quickly perform a backup export or import operation.


Install the tool easily with npm, after which the tool will be available in your command line prompt to run.

npm install operations-orchestration-backup


Once installed, this tool provides a shell command that can be executed to to perform an export or import of data to an HPE Operations Orchestration deployment.

Command line options:

Param Type Description
-u or --username string Username for Operations Orchestration that is allowed to query the API
-p or --password string Password for the Username provided
--import string Provide a JSON file name to import all the data from into an OO install expecting an array of objects
--export string Provide a file name to export all the data to as JSON object

Export from OO

Performing an export of an OO install to a JSON file:

operations-orchestration-backup --username admin --password admin --url http://localhost:8050 --export mydata.json

Import to OO

Performing an import from a previously prepared JSON file (an array of objects) directly into an OO install:

operations-orchestration-backup --username admin --password admin --url http://localhost:8050 --import mydata.json


Liran Tal