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    SignalK Plugin to inject forecast data from OpenWeather public weather service

    Install & Use

    Note: To use this plugin you need to request an apikey, ie. APPID on and start!

    Install the plugin through the SignalK plugin interface. After installation you may want to 'Activate' it through the SignalK Plugin Config interface and enter your pre-requested apikey.

    The plugin will inject several new SignalK-values, such as:





    Forecast data is purely based on position - hence navigation.position needs to be present. Data will be queried on position change and/or regularily on an hourly-basis. navigation.gnss.antennaAltitude (GPS altitude) is required if operated on non-sealevel altitude to compensate atmospheric pressure data to the appropriate elevation. Plugins like signalk-fixedstation could be used and the plugin will make calculations by adjusting the pressure accordingly. Default is altitude = 0 (sea level). It may take the plugin a couple of minutes before showing output data, as it will need to collect position information before requesting data from openweathermap.

    By default the plugin will update forecast information every hour. No information will be stored or tracked. *Note: Alerts from currently not implemented as based on environment.outside.pressure like provided by RuuviTag. Severities could be more accurate and it's possible to set an alarm, i.e. via the Simple Notification-plugin.

    Details on input data

    Simple output format is based on openweather-apis SMART JSON

    { temp: 277.99, humidity: 0.86, pressure: 93666.52473007084, description: 'overcast clouds', rain: {}, weathercode: 804 }

    but full output will be created using requiring through openweathermaps onecall API considering the hourly offset entered

    { forecast: { time: "2021-03-31T23:00:00.000Z", sunrise: "2021-03-31T04:53:45.000Z", sunset: "2021-03-31T17:41:35.000Z", main: 'Clouds', icon: '04n' }, weather: { temp: 278.3, humidity: 0.91, pressure: 93117.90832440622, description: 'overcast clouds', rain: { '1h': 0.26 }, weathercode: 804 }, full: { temp: { min: 277.18, max: 281.45 }, feelslike: 274.52, dewpoint: 276.95, uvindex: 0, clouds: 100, visibility: 10000, wind: { speed: 3.47, dir: 4.665 } }

    The plugin shall adhere to meta-data units according to the SignalK definition.

    Release Notes

    • v0.5: Comply with the SignalK spec by providing timestamps according to RFC3339.
    • v0.6: Support value timeouts according to the SignalK spec.
    • v0.7: Feature (PR#5): Option to publish 0h offset forecast as current underneith environment.outside.*.
    • v0.7: Refactoring (PR#6): Interval-based data push


    npm i openweather-signalk

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