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    An OpenType, TrueType, and WOFF parser in JavaScript

    This is a pure JavaScript parser for font files. It supports the two main formats: OpenType and TrueType as well as WOFF.

    The following OpenType tables are currently supported:

    • CMAP (only format 0, 4, 12, and 13)
    • head
    • hhea
    • maxp
    • hmtx
    • name
    • OS/2
    • post
    • GSUB (excluding LookupType 5, 6, 7, and 8)
    • GDEF (only the Glyph Class Definitions)
    • gasp

    This roughly corresponds to all the metadata available in most fonts. Future versions of this library will probably support parsing the actual font data (pull requests welcome!).


    Use Grunt to compile a minimized versions:

    $ grunt

    Then include build/opentype.js into your page and pass the opentype.parse method an ArrayBuffer instance:

    var buffer = new ArrayBuffer(...);
    var font = opentype.parse(buffer);

    The font variable will now contain a JSON representation of all supported OpenType tables. Later versions of this library will support parsing only select OpenType tables.

    Browser Support

    This library extensively uses ArrayBuffer's, and DataView's so you will need a browser that supports those. Any recent version of Chrome or Firefox will do.

    Copyright and License

    This library is licensed under the three-clause BSD license. Copyright 2013 Bram Stein. All rights reserved.




    npm i opentype

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