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    OpenTok Test Scripts

    This is a set of scripts which I use for various projects for testing. I use it in conjunction with travis-multirunner to test OpenTok applications. It has various helpers in there for testing WebRTC and particularly OpenTok applications.

    The run-tests script uses travis-multirunner to install Chrome and Firefox on Travis based on BROWSER and BVER environment variables. If SAUCECONNECT env variable is set then it starts SauceConnect. If the BROWSERSTACK env variable is set then is starts BrowserstackLocal. It then runs your unit and integration tests. If you set the UNIT_CMD env variable then it will run that, if you set the INTEGRATION_CMD env variable then it will run that. The tests pass if both of these commands pass.

    The packageSauceLabsInstaller script is used to package up a self executing plugin installer for SauceLabs. It downloads the OpenTok IE plugin and packages it up and enables fake devices (if FAKE_DEVICES is not set to 'false') and tells IE to always allow access to devices. Usage is: ./ PATH_TO_OPENTOK FAKE_DEVICES, eg. ./ true. The idea is that this is supposed to be used as a pre-run executable for SauceLabs. An example of using it with Protractor is here. For more information on SauceLabs pre-run executables see the SauceLabs documentation.

    There are some examples of karma and protractor configuration files included.

    Then you can setup your .travis.yml file to look something like the .travis.yml in this repo and it will run the tests for every combination in your build matrix.

    OpenTok Requirements

    • opentok-test-scripts v2 requires opentok.js v2.7+
    • opentok-test-scripts v3 requires opentok.js v2.8+


    npm i opentok-test-scripts

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