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Store Openstreetmap data in Mongo DB


parsnip is a node.js based server application which provides a REST API to Openstreetmap data.

turnip.js (in public/javascript) lets you use the parsnip API to draw a map from the openstreetmap data.

beet is a python script which loads

*** Start server

~/parsnip$ node lib/parsnip.js

*** Connect your browser to http://localhost:3000

*** Install npm (from

$ curl $ chmod +x $ sudo

*** Install parsnip and packages it depends on: express, jade

~/parsnip$ npm install -d

*** Update to latest versions

~/parsnip$ npm update


*** Unit tests with nodeunit


$ sudo npm install -g nodeunit

*** Debug with node-inspector


$ sudo npm install -g node-inspector

Start program:

$ node --debug parsnip.js

Start with breakpoint on the first line to wait for you:

$ node --debug-brk parsnip.js

Start inspector:

$ node-inspector

Connect with browser to the address written out by node inspector




*** Node and npm modules

*** Openstreetmap