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    A convenience wrapper for many of Openstack's ecosystem of things


    npm install openstack-wrapper

    General Usage

    Step 1 - Basic Authentication:

    //Before any other calls are made into the Openstack system,
    //the user must do a general authentication
    var OSWrap = require('openstack-wrapper');
    var keystone = new OSWrap.Keystone('http://www.keystone.url');
    keystone.getToken('username', 'password', function(error, token){
        console.error('an error occured', error);
        console.log('A general token object has been retrived', token);
        //the token value (token.token) is required for project listing & getting project specific tokens

    Step 2 - Listing Projects:

    //Once a general authentication token value has been obtained
    //a project id needs to be found before authenicating to that project
    //obviously this listing step can be skipped if one already knows the id
    var OSWrap = require('openstack-wrapper');
    var keystone = new OSWrap.Keystone('http://www.keystone.url');
    keystone.listProjects('username', 'general_token_value', function(error, projects_array)){
        console.error('an error occured', error);
        console.log('A list of projects was retrived', projects_array);
        //projects_array[n].id is required for many other calls and to generate a project specific token

    Step 3 - Authenticating for a particular project:

    //Once a generic token and a project id have been obtained (through whatever means)
    //a project specific token can be generated before instantiating the other library objects
    var OSWrap = require('openstack-wrapper');
    var keystone = new OSWrap.Keystone('http://www.keystone.url');
    keystone.getProjectToken('general_token_value', 'project_id', function(error, project_token){
        console.error('an error occured', error);
        console.log('A project specific token has been retrived', project_token);
        //the project token contains all kinds of project information
        //including endpoint urls for each of the various systems (Nova, Neutron, Glance)
        //and the token value (project_token.token) required for instantiating all non Keystone Objects
        //see the openstack docs for more specifics on the return format of this object (or print it out I suppose)

    Step 4 - Other Calls:

    //Now that we have a project specific token and the endpoint urls,
    //we can instnantiate the other objects (Nova, Neutron, Glance) and call their methods
    var OSWrap = require('openstack-wrapper');
    var nova = new OSWrap.Nova('nova_endpoint_url', 'project_token_value');
    nova.listServers(function(error, servers_array){
        console.error('an error occured', error);
        console.log('A list of servers have been retrived', servers_array);
        //Other objects (Glance, Neutron, Nova) and their methods follow a nearly identical pattern

    Simplified Usage:

    //A simplified project object is available if the project id is already known
    //it will perform both the general and project level authentications
    //and return an object with nova, glance, and neutron objects ready to use
    var OSWrap = require('openstack-wrapper');
    OSWrap.getSimpleProject('username', 'password', 'project_id', 'keystone_url', function(error, project){
        console.log('An error occured', error);
        console.log('A Simple Project Object was retrieved', project);
        //to use the project object:
        project.nova.listServers(function(error, servers_array){
            console.error('An error occured', error);
            console.log('A list of servers was retrived', servers_array);

    Objects & Methods

    Keystone (aka Identity)

    • new Keystone(v3_public_url)
    • setTimeout(timeout_milliseconds)
    • setLogger(logger_obj)
    • setMangler(mangler_lib) --DEPRECATED
    • getToken(username, password, domain(optional), callback)
    • getProjectTokenById(generic_token_value, project_id, callback)
    • getProjectTokenByName(generic_token_value, domain_id, project_name, callback)
    • listProjects(project_token_value, callback) - token from any project w/admin privledges
    • getProjectByName(project_token_value, project_name, callback) - token from any project w/admin privledges
    • listUserProjects(username, generic_token_value, callback)
    • listRoles(project_token_value, callback)
    • listRoleAssignments(project_token_value, project_id, callback)
    • addRoleAssignment(project_token_value, project_id, entry_id, entry_type, role_id, callback)
    • removeRoleAssignment(project_token_value, project_id, entry_id, entry_type, role_id, callback)
    • listRegions(generic_token_value, callback)

    Nova (aka Compute)

    • new Nova(v2_public_url, project_token_value)
    • setTimeout(timeout_milliseconds)
    • setLogger(logger_obj)
    • setMangler(mangler_lib) --DEPRECATED
    • Servers
      • listServers([options], callback)
      • getServer(server_id, callback)
      • createServer(data_object, callback)
      • renameServer(server_id, new_name_string, callback)
      • resizeServer(server_id, flavor_id, callback)
      • confirmResizeServer(server_id, callback)
      • revertResizeServer(server_id, callback)
      • removeServer(server_id, callback)
      • rebootServer(server_id, callback)
      • forceRebootServer(server_id, callback)
      • stopServer(server_id, callback)
      • startServer(server_id, callback)
      • pauseServer(server_id, callback)
      • suspendServer(server_id, callback)
      • resumeServer(server_id, callback)
      • getConsoleURL(console_type_string, server_id, callback)
      • getServerLog(server_id, log_length_integer, callback)
      • createServerImage(server_id, data_object, callback)
      • setMetaData(server_id, data_object, callback)
    • Flavors
      • listFlavors(callback)
      • getFlavor(flavor_id, callback)
    • Project Networks
      • listProjectNetworks(callback)
    • Floating Ips
      • listFloatingIps(callback)
      • listFloatingIps(options, callback)
      • getFloatingIp(floating_ip_id, callback)
      • createFloatingIp(data_object, callback)
      • removeFloatingIp(floating_ip_id, callback)
      • associateFloatingIp(server_id, ip_address, callback)
      • disassociateFloatingIp(server_id, ip_address, callback)
    • Floating IP Pools
      • listFloatingIpPools(callback)
      • getFloatingIpPool(id, callback)
    • Availability Zones
      • listAvailabilityZones(callback)
      • getAvailabilityZone(id, callback)
    • Key Pairs
      • listKeyPairs(callback)
      • getKeyPair(key_pair_id, callback)
      • createKeyPair(key_pair_name, public_key, callback)
      • removeKeyPair(key_pair_id, callback)
    • Quota/Usage
      • getQuotaSet(project_id, callback)
      • setQuotaSet(project_id, data_object, callback)
      • getTenantUsage(project_id, start_date_object, end_date_object, callback)
    • Security Groups
      • assignSecurityGroup(security_group_name, server_id, callback)
      • removeSecurityGroup(security_group_name, server_id, callback)

    Glance (aka Image)

    • new Glance(v2_public_url, project_token_value)
    • setTimeout(timeout_milliseconds)
    • setMangler(mangler_lib) --DEPRECATED
    • listImages(callback)
    • getImage(image_id, callback)
    • queueImage(data_object, callback)
    • uploadImage(image_id, stream_object, callback)
    • updateImage(image_id, data_object, callback
    • removeImage(image_id, callback)

    Neutron (aka Network)

    • new Neutron(v2_public_url, project_token_value)
    • setTimeout(timeout_milliseconds)
    • setLogger(logger_obj)
    • setMangler(mangler_lib) --DEPRECATED
    • Networks
      • listNetworks(callback(error, array))
      • getNetwork(network_id, callback(error, obj))
    • Routers
      • listRouters(callback(error, array))
      • getRouter(router_id, callback(error, obj))
    • FloatingIps
      • createFloatingIp(floating_network_id, callback(error, obj))
      • listFloatingIps(callback(error, array))
      • getFloatingIp(ip_id, callback(error, obj))
      • updateFloatingIp(ip_id, port_id, callback(error, obj))
      • removeFloatingIp(ip_id, callback(error))
    • Ports
      • listPorts(callback(error, array))
      • listPorts(options, callback(error, array))
      • getPort(port_id, callback(error, obj))
      • updatePort(port_id, data_object, callback(error, obj))
    • Security Groups
      • createSecurityGroup(group_name, data_object, callback(error, obj))
      • listSecurityGroups(project_id, callback(error, array))
      • getSecurityGroup(group_id, callback(error, obj))
      • updateSecurityGroup(group_id, data_object, callback(error, obj))
      • removeSecurityGroup(group_id, callback(error))
    • SecurityGroupRules
      • createSecurityGroupRule(group_id, data_object, callback(error, obj))
      • listSecurityGroupRules(callback(error, array))
      • getSecurityGroupRule(rule_id, callback(error, obj))

    Octavia (aka LoadBalancing)

    • new Octavia(v2_public_url, project_token_value)
    • setTimeout(timeout_milliseconds)
    • setRequestID(request_id)
    • setUserName(user_name)
    • setLogger(logger_obj)
    • setRetries(retries_on_locked)
    • setRetryDelay(delay_milliseconds)
    • Load Balancers
      • createLoadBalancer(project_id, options_obj, cb(error, result_obj))
      • listLoadBalancers(cb(error, result_array))
      • getLoadBalancer(loadbalancer_id, cb(error, result_obj))
      • updateLoadBalancer(loadbalancer_id, options_obj, result_obj))
      • removeLoadBalancer(loadbalancer_id, cb(error))
    • LB Listeners
      • createLBListener(loadbalancer_id, protocol, options_obj, cb(error, result_obj))
      • listLBListeners(cb(error, result_array))
      • getLBListener(listener_id, cb(error, result_obj))
      • updateLBListener(listener_id, options_obj, cb(error, result_obj))
      • removeLBListener(listener_id, cb(error))
    • LB Pools
      • createLBPool(protocol, lb_algorithm, options_obj, cb(error, result_obj))
      • listLBPools(cb(error, result_array))
      • getLBPool(pool_id, cb(error, result_obj))
      • updateLBPool(pool_id, options_obj, cb(error, result_obj))
      • removeLBPool(pool_id, cb(error))
    • LB Health Monitors
      • createLBHealthMonitor(pool_id, type, delay, timeout, max_retries, options_obj, cb(error, result_obj))
      • listLBHealthMonitors(cb(error, result_array))
      • getLBHealthMonitor(health_monitor_id, cb(error, result_obj))
      • updateLBHealthMonitor(health_monitor_id, options_obj, cb(error, result_obj))
      • removeLBHealthMonitor(health_monitor_id, cb(error))
    • LB Pool Members
      • createLBPoolMember(pool_id, address, protocol_port, options_obj, cb(error, result_obj))
      • listLBPoolMembers(pool_id, cb(error, result_array))
      • getLBPoolMember(pool_id, member_id, cb(error, result_obj))
      • updateLBPoolMember(pool_id, member_id, options_obj, cb(error, result_obj))
      • removeLBPoolMember(pool_id, member_id, cb(error))

    Heat (aka Orchestration)

    • new Heat(v1_public_url, project_token_value)
    • setTimeout(timeout_milliseconds)
    • Stacks
      • listStacks(options_obj, cb(error, result_obj))
      • createStack(stack_name, options_obj, cb(error, result_obj))
      • updateStack(stack_name, stack_id, options_obj, cb(error, result_obj))
      • deleteStack(stack_name, stack_id, cb(error, result_obj))

    Running Tests

    To run the tests:

    cd openstack_wrapper/
    npm install
    npm test

    Change Log


    • Updated Nova.createServerImage to handle Nova 2.45+ format (new output format breaks backwards compat on this method so incrimented minor ver)


    • Added Heat object and methods


    • Added project network listing to Nova


    • Added region listing to Keystone


    • Added optional filtering on server listing calls


    • Added Octavia calls for LoadBalancers, Listeners, Pools, HealthChecks, and Members
    • Mangling is now Deprecated and not available in any new methods (like the Octavia ones) because 1-way mangling was a bad idea 2-way is better implemented in-app


    • Added support for a logger object instead of replacing entire request object to faciliate remote call logging.
    • Removed multiple error types. All methods now return a general error with a 'detail' property containing call details if a call was made
    • Removed global timeout feature (too confusing when that was/wasn't in play)


    • Removed usage of OpenStackErrors. Specifically removed all references of isError() & getError() in favor of: isRequestError() & getRequestError().
    • Added structures for additional neutron functionality to be released in 1.5.X


    Copyright (c) 2014 Go Daddy Operating Company, LLC

    See LICENSE.txt for more info.


    npm i openstack-wrapper-ng

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