Openshift application updater


This project is currently just a placeholder helping to ensure that the 'openshift' npm module is actually controlled by folks in the OpenShift team.

The long-term goal of this module is to allow developers to make their existing web applications fully openshift compatible in one or two simple steps.

Currently, this does nothing:

npm install openshift

Try this instead:

cd $YOUR_PROJECT_FOLDER # I'm assuming that your project is a git repo
git remote add upstream -m master
git pull -s recursive upstream master # merge in a basic OpenShift skeleton

Then, resolve any merge conflicts, review the changes and additions, and commit your updated application code:

git add filename # after fixing, for each file that contained a merge conflict
git commit -m 'merging in OpenShift dependencies for node.js applications'
git push # to enhance your GitHub project, making it OpenShift compatible.

Finally, provision and deploy your new OpenShift-compatible node.js application in one step:

rhc app create mynodeapp nodejs --from-code=

The rhc command-line output should return your live application URL.

For additional help, see: