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    March 30, 2022:

    Note this repository will be no longer be maintained by the original developers. We encourage all users to switch to clover-iiif, which will provide the same image viewing experience in OpenSeadragon, along with support for audio and video files in a single viewer.

    Updated viewer

    Image of OpenSeadragon React Viewer

    A React wrapper component around the OpenSeadragon viewer. Feed OpenSeadragonViewer a IIIF manifest URL, and it will render an OpenSeadragon viewer with:

    • FontAwesome toolbar icons
    • A tile source dropdown navigation menu
    • Thumbnails navigation
    • Download options
    • Support for deep linking, and saving URL parameters

    Installation and usage

    npm install openseadragon-react-viewer
    // And peer dependencies
    npm install @emotion/react openseadragon react-device-detect react-select

    Then use it in your app:

    import React from "react";
    import { OpenSeadragonViewer } from "openseadragon-react-viewer";
    const App = () => {
      // Provide either a local IIIF manifest object
      const manifest = MY_AWESOME_MANIFEST;
      // Or, provide a publicly accessible URL of a IIIF manifest
      const manifestUrl = "https://some-manifest-url-here.json";
      // Options to show/hide extra UI features in the viewer
      // height(in pixels) option is default to 800 for wide-screens and 500 for narrow-screens
      // All other options default to 'true'
      const options = {
        showDropdown: true,
        showThumbnails: true,
        showToolbar: true,
        deepLinking: true,
        height: 800,
      // Pass through any OpenSeadragon config options you'd like to override
      const openSeadragonOptions = {
        gestureSettingsMouse: {
          scrollToZoom: true,
      // Customize which tool bar controls are displayed
      const toolBarOptions = {
        showZoom: true,
        showFullScreen: true,
        showDownload: true,
        showPreviousNext: true,
      // Note: A local manifest will take precedence over manifestUrl if both props are supplied
      return (
          openSeadragonOptions={openSeadragonOptions} // Optional
          toolBarOptions={toolBarOptions} // Optional
    export default App;

    Options / Props

    View documentation for all configuration options.

    Custom styling

    View documentation for a list of CSS classes you can target to add custom styles.

    Getting help

    If you need help with openseadragon-react-viewer, submit an issue.

    Cross-site Requests

    ** This info pulled from the Diva.js package**

    You may receive an error that looks something like this:

    XMLHttpRequest cannot load No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://localhost:8000' is therefore not allowed access.

    This is a security precaution that all browsers use to prevent cross-site request forgeries. If you receive this message it is because your manifestUrl prop and the server used to serve the OpenSeadragon React Viewer are not at the same server address.

    To fix this you must ensure that the OpenSeadragon React Viewer host's React application, and the location pointed to by the manifestUrl prop are being served by the same server, or you must create an exception using the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header on your server to explicitly white-list the manifestUrl location.



    1. Clone or fork this repository

    2. Install project dependencies

    npm install

    Start development environment

    To spin up the development environment (which is a Styleguidiest dev environment) run:

    npm run dev

    Visit http://localhost:6060/ (Styleguidist's default port) in your browser.

    See rollup.config.js for development and packaging configuration details. Development environment runs from a UMD bundled file, which is saved to the /public folder for local development.

    Running the tests

    To run unit tests, with a full coverage report:

    npm run test

    To run tests in watch mode:

    npm run test:watch

    Styleguidist development

    Styleguidist, in addition to providing documentation, also offers an isolated development environment. To run the environment and test it out:

    npm run dev
    // or
    npm run styleguide

    To build a static html version of the docs (which Github pages uses), run:

    npm run styleguide:build


    To deploy your forked version of this repo, run:

    npm run build

    This will create CommoneJS, ES Module, and UMD distribution files located in the /dist/ directory.


    See the Styleguidist docs for documentation on the components.


    If you're working on a PR for this project, create a feature branch off of main.

    This repository follows the Samvera Community Code of Conduct and language recommendations. Please do not create a branch called master for this repository or as part of your pull request; the branch will either need to be removed or renamed before it can be considered for inclusion in the code base and history of this repository.

    Code style

    Use Prettier.

    .prettierrc file contains current project coding style settings.

    Built With

    • OpenSeadragon - OpenSeadragon
    • IIIF - IIIF International Image Interoperability Framework
    • React - JavaScript component library
    • Rollup - JavaScript Bundler
    • Jest - Testing framework
    • Emotion - CSS in JS



    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details




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