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    Openrunner can be used for benchmark and functional testing for frontend-heavy web applications. It's a tool that simulates an end user using a website. It simulates user behaviour (keyboard/mouse activity) to browse through an online application. This can be used to test functionality and/or response times. Openrunner is a browser extension but can also be run from the command line i.e. for integration in a build pipeline.

    Getting started:

    First of all, because this project is not an official browser extension yet, you will have to download and install Firefox Nightly: (You can also use Firefox "Unbranded" or "Developer Edition", but not the regular firefox).

    Then you must make sure that you have node.js installed (version 8 or higher):

    You can open the Openrunner IDE using your terminal:

    npx openrunner ide --firefox '/Applications/Firefox'

    (Update the path to firefox as needed)

    After executing this command, Firefox will launch and you can click on the Openrunner Icon to start the Openrunner IDE.

    Openrunner will launch with a small example script to get you started. The buttons on top of the screen can be used to open or save a script, execute or stop it. The two numbers are for the interval and the amount of runs you'd like to do (by default it's set to 1 run every 60 seconds), the last field is the current status.

    After executing a script you'll be presented with the outcome. The top half of the screen shows the measured response times per step, and errors when/if they occur.

    The bottom half of the screen shows the result of the run in json-format. Also, there's a 'view breakdown' button, this will open a complete breakdown of every step/event/object loaded that happened during the script execution.

    Much more documentation on how to create scripts is available on the wiki on github:

    Running scripts using your terminal

    You can run saved scripts using your terminal:

    npx openrunner run --firefox '/Applications/Firefox' --script myScript.js --result myResult.json --headless

    After this command has completed, you can inspect/parse all the results in the myResult.json file.




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