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An OpenHab add-on that that acts as a wrapper for the Netgear node module to allow managing of wifi access points from OpenHab Sitemaps and Rules.

The provided examples allow you to create an interface to easily turn on/off the guest wifi network from your OpenHAB interface and rules to do this for a set period of time (eg. 1hr) - perfect for giving the kids a limited time window for internet usage.


  • OpenHAB 2.x (tested on 2.3.0)
  • The OpenHAB Exec Binding
  • NodeJS 8+
  • Yarn or NPM


  1. Ensure you have the requirements installed on the same server as OpenHAB
  2. Go to your OpenHAB scripts directory (on Linux this is /etc/openhab2/scripts)
  3. Install this package using yarn/npm: yarn add openhab-netgear
  4. You should now have a folder in your scripts dir for openhab-netgear
  5. Depending on your setup, you probably need to change the file ownership of the new folder chown -R openhab: node_modules/



You need to setup two Things in OpenHAB to connect the node script to OpenHAB.

Thing Command Transform Interval Timeout Autorun
wifiGuestSwitch /usr/bin/node /etc/openhab2/scripts/node_modules/openhab-netgear/manageWifi.js switch-2g %2$s REGEX((.*)) 0 15 OFF
wifiStatus /usr/bin/node /etc/openhab2/scripts/node_modules/openhab-netgear/manageWifi.js guest-status REGEX((.*)) 60 15 OFF

You can do this via the web interface OR in the file system - however you normally do this should be fine.


Add the following Items to an existing or new file in /etc/openhab2/items folder

// Netgear Wifi Switching
Switch WifiGuestSwitch  "Guest Wifi" <network> // proxy triggers rule
Number WifiGuestTimer  "Guest Wifi" <network> // timer active ON/OFF
Switch WifiGuestSwitchExec {channel="exec:command:wifiGuestSwitch:run"}  // Exec binding to run execute JS 
String WifiGuestSwitchArgs {channel="exec:command:wifiGuestSwitch:input"} // Argument to pass (ON/OFF) to JS
String WifiGuestStatus {channel="exec:command:wifiStatus:output"} // Second Exec binding to check actual router status
Switch WifiGuestSwitchRunning // Switched to ON for 30 seconds whenever a wifi change is run
DateTime WifiGuestEnabledUntil "Guest Wifi Until: [%1$tH:%1$tM]" // the deadline for wifi access to be automatically disabled
Switch WifiGuestTimerRunning "Wifi timer running" // indicates if a wifi deadline is currently in action


Example Sitemap entries to allow guest wifi to be controlled and managed. Add this to your existing Sitemap as you see fit.

    Frame label="Kids Wifi" icon="network" {
        Switch item=WifiGuestSwitch label="Wifi Status"
        Switch item=WifiGuestTimer label="Enable for" icon="clock" mappings=[30="30m", 60="1h", 90="1.5h", 120="2h"] visibility=[WifiGuestTimerRunning==OFF]
        Switch item=WifiGuestTimerRunning visibility=[WifiGuestTimerRunning==ON]
        Text item=WifiGuestEnabledUntil icon="clock" visibility=[WifiGuestTimerRunning==ON]


Copy the wifi.rules file from /etc/openhab2/scripts/node_modules/openhab-netgear/wifi.rules into your rules folder (/etc/openhab2/rules/). Edit as you see fit.


To confirm the script is installed with all the pre-requisites, from the command line of your OpenHAB server, run the following:

node manageWifi.js info

You should get some output from your router similar to the below. If not, check your steps again and make sure your login and router address details are correct

{ ModelName: 'R8000',
  Description: 'Netgear Smart Wizard 3.0, specification 0.7 version',
  SerialNumber: '3WN34A7000167',
  Firmwareversion: 'V1.0.4.18',
  SmartAgentversion: '3.0',
  FirewallVersion: 'ACOS NAT-Netfilter v3.0.0.5 (Linux Cone NAT Hot Patch 06/11/2010)',
  VPNVersion: 'N/A',
  OthersoftwareVersion: '10.1.49',
  Hardwareversion: 'R8000',
  Otherhardwareversion: 'N/A',
  FirstUseDate: 'Friday, 01 Sep 2006 00:00:00',
  DeviceName: 'R8000',
  FirmwareDLmethod: '',
  FirmwareLastUpdate: '',
  FirmwareLastChecked: '',
  DeviceMode: '1' }

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