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A central publish-subscribe event bus and real-time message broker for Openframe.

This repo represents the Global Event Bus (pubsub) in the following diagram. It is designed to run as an independent service (optionally on an independent box) from the API Server.

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This is a very basic implementation using Faye. It acts purely as an event bus, with no persistence or message queue.

The pubsub server keeps track of which frames are connected in order to send out a 'disconnected' event when a frame's connection is closed.

As it is a Faye server, clients can connect using the Faye client.


To start up the server from the command line:

$ npm start
# to see debug output 
$ DEBUG=pubsub npm start

Or programmatically:

var pubsubServer = require('openframe-pubsubserver');
// defaults to port 8889
// or pass a port into the start method:
// pubsubServer.start(1234);

Built-in System Events (WIP)


payload: frame_id


payload: frame_id


Proposed (not implemented)


payload: user_name


payload: user_name