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Openframe Processing extension

This extension runs interactive Processing sketches on a Raspberry Pi within Openframe – "an open source platform for artists, curators and art enthusiasts to share, discover and display digital art".



Follow the official guide to install Openframe.

Since version 2.x.x of this extension, Openframe v0.4.12 or higher is required.


Then, enter via the command line: openframe -i openframe-processing

This extension is based on processing-java. When Processing artwork is selected in the web app, the artwork gets downloaded to the Raspberry Pi where it's going to be compiled and run.


How to upload artwork?

Follow the adding artwork section of the Openframe docs and use openframe-processing as artwork format.

So far it supports URLs (URL where the artwork is hosted) to either a single .pde or a .zip file containing multiple .pde files and/or Processing libraries. If you package your sketch using ZIP make sure the .zip file is named the same as the sketch.

Where to host artwork?

Processing libraries

You can ship contributed Processing and Java libraries with your artwork package in a .zip file. All libraries (usually .jar files) have to be in a code folder within your artwork package. More info here: This thread also discusses a convenience install script of most common Processing libraries which might be added in the future.


The extension loads all sketches in fullscreen by default. For some sketches this might not be useful. To disable fullscreen, add the following to the options property of the artwork in the database:

  "fullscreen": false

The Openframe web app currently doesn't support this. Alternative ways to do this are described in the Openframe docs .


  • hide cursor at all times (even when the mouse is moved)
  • support for precompiled sketches
  • add unit tests


Thanks to Jonathan Wohl and Isaac Bertran for this amazing project

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