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    This library contains a list of functions used to interact with a local OpenBazaar (OB) store via its API. For reference documentation, see the API documents at

    This library is for node.js programs using ECMA2017 async/await.

    Functions implemented in this library:

    • getOBAuth - Generate an authorization header for REST API calls to the OB store.
    • createProfile - Create a profile for the OB store.
    • createListings - Create a new listing in the store.
    • getListings - Get all product listings in the OB store.
    • getNotifications - Get notifications
    • markNotificationAsRead - Mark a notification as read
    • fulfillOrder - Fulfill an order

    Please help expand this library by submitting a Pull Request.


    Install this package with:

    npm install --save openbazaar-node


    Include this library in the node.js application dependencies with:

    const openbazaar = require("openbazaar-node")

    Before you can make API calls to your OpenBazaar server, you'll need to make a few changes to the config file used by OpenBazaar. On Linux systems, this file is located in ~/.openbazaar2.0/. An example config file is provided in test/setup/config. Note: the example config file is intended only for testing and is insecure by design.

    Most functions in this library expect to be passed a config object. Here is an example of generating a config object:

    let config = {
      // Config object passed to library functions.
      clientId: OB_USERNAME,
      clientSecret: OB_PASSWORD,
      server: SERVER_URL,
      obPort: OB_SERVER_PORT
    // Generate api credentials for OpenBazaar.
    const apiCredentials = openbazaar.getOBAuth(config);
    // Save apiCredentials to the config object.
    config.apiCredentials: apiCredentials,


    The tests in the test/tests directory also provide code examples of how to use this library to interact with an OpenBazaar server.

    Warning: Tests are not intended to be run against a production server. Tests make live API calls against a server and could potentially screw up an existing OpenBazaar server.

    The tests make use of the OpenBazaar Docker image. To run tests you'll need to install Docker as well as install Docker Compose.

    Once that is complete, run these commands:

    npm install
    npm test


    npm i openbazaar-node

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