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OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) to Apigee API Proxy Bundle using Node.js Utility


You can install openapi2apigee either through npm or by cloning and linking the code from GitHub. This document covers the installation details for installing from npm.

Installation from npm

The openapi2apigee module (and its dependencies) is designed for Node.js and is available through npm using the following command:

From a Terminal Window:

$ npm install -g openapi2apigee

Command reference and examples


Generates Apigee API Bundles from OpenAPI files and help you deploy to Apigee Edge


$ openapi2apigee generateApi petStore -s -D -d /Users/Anil/Desktop/


Getting Started with OpenAPI

openapi2apigee Apigee-127 Extensions support

Secure APIs using OAuth 2.0 & Verify API Key Policies in Apigee using OpenAPI 2.0