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    OpenAPI Generator, eller?

    Generate OpenAPI v3 clients and servers from the command line with nothing more than Node.js.

    Just run:

    npm i -g openapi-eller

    See openapi-eller --help for usage details.

    Looking for an easy way to generate a mock server from an OpenAPI v3 spec? We've got you covered.

    Try openapi-mock-eller today!

    PLEASE NOTE: This codebase is still a work-in-progress, but it does produce production-grade code for those targets listed as supported. Behaviour is subject to change between variants until 1.0.0.


    • Supports* the full OpenAPI v3 specification
    • Uses an interceptor pattern for handling security schemas in clients
    • OAuth 2 clients comply with RFC6749 and RFC6750 (Bearer Token Usage)
    • Targets can be configured with a JSON or YAML file for simple, reproducable generations
    • Easily extensible Handlebars templates for core structure of files, with TypeScript target-specific code for handling with pointy bits

    Supported targets

    • Clients:
      • Kotlin (Android)
      • Swift (iOS)
      • TypeScript
    • Servers:
      • ASP.NET (MVC Framework 4.5)

    There are other targets in the tree, though they are a work-in-progress.

    Roadmap to 0.4

    • Generating platform-conformant API documentation
    • Handle returning headers, status codes and raw response objects where necessary
    • Handle mandatory configuration for targets
    • Generate documentation for target configuration


    • The Techno Creatives


    We happily accept contributions! We simply ask that you please make sure that any dependencies of your targets use a permissive license compatible with the ISC license (which means no AGPL or GPL dependencies, unfortunately.)

    If you're unsure, open an issue and we can help you out!


    ISC license - see LICENSE file.

    Any code outputted by this generator is the license of your choice.


    npm i openapi-eller

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