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open-browser: a command-line http server for debug

open-browser is a simple, command-line http server for debug demo pages.

Installing globally:

Installation via npm. If you don't have npm yet:

 curl | sh

Once you have npm:

 npm install open-browser -g

This will install open-browser globally so that it may be run from the command line.


  1. 支持php解析
  2. 支持模板渲染(目前仅swig模板)
  3. 支持多环境切换(debug、daily)
  4. 支持代理功能
  5. 支持spm,新增global参数屏蔽transport


 open-browser [path] [options]

[path] defaults to ./.

// using default config
open-browser -e debug

// using spm config
open-browser -e spm

// using yourself config
open-browser -t -e selfenv

// setup system proxy (need sudo password)
open-browser -t -e selfenv --sysproxy

Available Options:

-p Port to listen for connections on (defaults to 8080)

-e Set environment: [none], debug, daily, spm.

--clean Clean proxy settings.

--sysproxy Setup system proxy.

--cors Enable CORS via the 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header.

-s or --silent In silent mode, log messages aren't logged to the console.

-h or --help Displays a list of commands and exits.

-t Using template handler 'browser-config.js'.

Handlers template:

You can add yourself handler like that on root dir (filename: browser-config.js):

// browser-config.js
module.exports = {
    'selfenv': {
        paths: [
            ['dist', 'src'],
            ['www', 'src']
        mappings: [{
            filter: /taobao\.com/,
            path: '/index.html'
        }, {
            filter: /taobao\.com/,
            path: '/index.html',
            fun: function(oldData, newData, ob) {
                return newData;
        spm: {
            global: ['/src/lib/**/*.js', '/demo/js/**/*.js']
        injects: [{
            type: '.html|.php|.htm',
            funs: [