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The official Opbeat agent for Node.js

Opbeat for Node.js

This is the official Node.js agent for Opbeat.

Opbeat provides instant performance insights, built for Node.js developers.

If you are looking for a module for your frontend JS applications, please see Opbeat for JS on GitHub.

Troubleshooting: If you encounter any problems setting up the Opbeat agent, please see our troubleshooting guide.

Install the module:

npm install opbeat --save

To get started just require and start the Opbeat agent at the very top of your app's startup script. The Opbeat agent will be returned. The agent will now instrument your Node.js application and track unhandled exceptions automatically.

// Add this snippet to the VERY top of your app's startup script 
var opbeat = require('opbeat').start({
  appId: '...',
  organizationId: '...',
  secretToken: '...'

If you want to manually send an error to Opbeat, use the captureError() function:

opbeat.captureError(new Error('Ups, something broke'))


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