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    Onfido - JavaScript client for onfido The Onfido API is used to submit check requests.

    This package is automatically generated by the OpenAPI Generator project:

    • API version: 2.0.0
    • Package version: 4.3.0
    • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.JavascriptClientCodegen


    For Node.js

    Install via npm:

    npm install onfido

    Alternatively, if you're using Yarn:

    yarn add onfido

    Frontend JavaScript: warning

    You must not use this project in your application's frontend because it uses API tokens. Instead, you can use the Onfido Web SDK for frontend JavaScript.

    If you use this project in your frontend, malicious users could discover the tokens in your source code. You should only use this project in your backend code.

    You can read more about API token security in the Onfido API reference documentation.

    Getting Started

    Please follow the installation instruction and execute the following JS code:

    const Onfido = require('onfido');
    const defaultClient = Onfido.ApiClient.instance;
    // Configure API key authorization: Token
    const token_auth = defaultClient.authentications['Token'];
    token_auth.apiKey = 'token=' + 'YOUR API KEY';
    token_auth.apiKeyPrefix = 'Token';
    // Limit the at-rest region, if needed (optional, see
    // defaultClient.basePath = Onfido.ApiClient.getBasePathFromSettings(1, {region: 'us'});
    const api = new Onfido.DefaultApi();
    // Setting applicant details
    const applicant = new Onfido.Applicant();
    applicant.first_name = 'John';
    applicant.last_name = 'Smith';
    applicant.dob = new Date('1980-01-22'); = 'GBR';
    // You can also use getters and setters for properties using camelCase:
    // applicant.setFirstName('John');
    // applicant.setLastName('Smith');
    const address = new Onfido.Address();
    address.building_number = '100';
    address.street = 'Main Street'; = 'London';
    address.postcode = 'SW4 6EH'; = 'GBR';
    applicant.addresses = [address];
    // Setting check details
    const check = new Onfido.Check();
    check.type = 'express';
    const report = new Onfido.Report(); = 'identity';
    check.reports = [report];
    // Using promises
    api.createApplicant(applicant).then(applicantData => {
      const applicantId =;
      return api.createCheck(applicantId, check);
    }).then(checkData => {
    }).catch(error => {
    // Using async/await
    (async () => {
      try {
        const applicantData = await api.createApplicant(applicant);
        const applicantId =;
        const checkData = await api.createCheck(applicantId, check);
      } catch(error) {

    Uploading and Downloading

    For uploading files, the file argument should be a Readable Stream. For example, for uploading a document:

    const documentImage = fs.createReadStream('document.png');
    api.uploadDocument(applicantId, 'passport', documentImage);

    There is currently an issue with OpenAPI Generator, the tool used to generate this library, that prevents downloading files from working in Node. As a workaround, you can use the API endpoints for downloading files directly. See the API documentation for more info:

    Documentation for API Endpoints

    All URIs are relative to

    Class Method HTTP request Description
    Onfido.DefaultApi cancelReport POST /checks/{check_id}/reports/{report_id}/cancel This endpoint is for cancelling individual paused reports.
    Onfido.DefaultApi createApplicant POST /applicants Create Applicant
    Onfido.DefaultApi createCheck POST /applicants/{applicant_id}/checks Create a check
    Onfido.DefaultApi createWebhook POST /webhooks Create a webhook
    Onfido.DefaultApi deleteWebhook DELETE /webhooks/{webhook_id} Delete a webhook
    Onfido.DefaultApi destroyApplicant DELETE /applicants/{applicant_id} Delete Applicant
    Onfido.DefaultApi downloadDocument GET /applicants/{applicant_id}/documents/{document_id}/download Download a documents raw data
    Onfido.DefaultApi downloadLivePhoto GET /live_photos/{live_photo_id}/download Download live photo
    Onfido.DefaultApi downloadLiveVideo GET /live_videos/{live_video_id}/download Download live video
    Onfido.DefaultApi editWebhook PUT /webhooks/{webhook_id} Edit a webhook
    Onfido.DefaultApi findAddresses GET /addresses/pick Search for addresses by postcode
    Onfido.DefaultApi findApplicant GET /applicants/{applicant_id} Retrieve Applicant
    Onfido.DefaultApi findCheck GET /applicants/{applicant_id}/checks/{check_id} Retrieve a Check
    Onfido.DefaultApi findDocument GET /applicants/{applicant_id}/documents/{document_id} A single document can be retrieved by calling this endpoint with the document’s unique identifier.
    Onfido.DefaultApi findLivePhoto GET /live_photos/{live_photo_id} Retrieve live photo
    Onfido.DefaultApi findLiveVideo GET /live_videos/{live_video_id} Retrieve live video
    Onfido.DefaultApi findReport GET /checks/{check_id}/reports/{report_id} A single report can be retrieved using this endpoint with the corresponding unique identifier.
    Onfido.DefaultApi findReportTypeGroup GET /report_type_groups/{report_type_group_id} Retrieve single report type group object
    Onfido.DefaultApi findWebhook GET /webhooks/{webhook_id} Retrieve a Webhook
    Onfido.DefaultApi generateSdkToken POST /sdk_token Generate a SDK token
    Onfido.DefaultApi listApplicants GET /applicants List Applicants
    Onfido.DefaultApi listChecks GET /applicants/{applicant_id}/checks Retrieve Checks
    Onfido.DefaultApi listDocuments GET /applicants/{applicant_id}/documents List documents
    Onfido.DefaultApi listLivePhotos GET /live_photos List live photos
    Onfido.DefaultApi listLiveVideos GET /live_videos List live videos
    Onfido.DefaultApi listReportTypeGroups GET /report_type_groups Retrieve all report type groups
    Onfido.DefaultApi listReports GET /checks/{check_id}/reports All the reports belonging to a particular check can be listed from this endpoint.
    Onfido.DefaultApi listWebhooks GET /webhooks List webhooks
    Onfido.DefaultApi restoreApplicant POST /applicants/{applicant_id}/restore Restore Applicant
    Onfido.DefaultApi resumeCheck POST /checks/{check_id}/resume Resume a Check
    Onfido.DefaultApi resumeReport POST /checks/{check_id}/reports/{report_id}/resume This endpoint is for resuming individual paused reports.
    Onfido.DefaultApi updateApplicant PUT /applicants/{applicant_id} Update Applicant
    Onfido.DefaultApi uploadDocument POST /applicants/{applicant_id}/documents Upload a document
    Onfido.DefaultApi uploadLivePhoto POST /live_photos Upload live photo

    Documentation for Models

    Documentation for Authorization


    • Type: API key
    • API key parameter name: Authorization
    • Location: HTTP header




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