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oneone is an http server library for node.js that aims to more completely support http 1.1

It has only a few simple goals:

  • make basic RFC2616 features as easy as possible.
  • don't alter core node classes where possible (esp. request and response objects)
  • handle routing
  • make extension possible and easy

It should be possible to use oneone as the basis of a framework.

A Hello World Example:

var Server = require('oneone');
var server = new Server(8080);
server.onRequest(function(handler, context, cb){
  console.log(' <-- ', context.req.method, ' ', context.req.url);
  cb(null, context);
server.route('/hello', { GET : function($){ 
  if (err) {console.log(err);throw err;}
  console.log('Server running on ' + server.port);

Automated Tests:

npm test