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Onell is an npm package to bootstrap a project for running functional tests with cucumberjs and selenium.


How to install

Using npm:

$ npm install onell --save-dev

How to Run

npm run test:functional
npm run test:functional:stats


  • Boostraping process runs during installing the module -- Ensure that the dependencies (cucumber, chrome-driver, selenium-driver etc) are installed in the target project -- Create a folder structure like ROOR/tests/functional/features and copy in there the sample feature. -- Add an npm script to the target project's package.json for running the functional tests
  • Use gherkin parser to find out how many features, scenarios and step defnitions. -- Use gherkin parser to generate per scenario one feature for better parallelization
Future Todo List
  • Check how works and try to create a support case for running with the latest cucumber
  • Script that can re-run the testcases in case they fail
  • Create sample Dockerfile that runs the parallel cucumber part
  • Script that provisions AWS instances
  • Write documentation
  • Cucumber can be optional