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WARNING: The developer of Onebot is not responsible for damage caused by plugins! Please use verified plugins only!


Onebot, without any plugins, requires these Node.js modules (and Node.js itself) to properly function without giving you errors:

  • js-yaml for the configuration file
  • for pretty much everything the bot does
  • fs for managing the filesystem (config)
  • path for the location of the plugins folder
  • include-all for loading the plugins
  • jsdom for loading jQuery
  • node-notifier for cross platform notifications
  • esrever for string reversal
  • replaceall for replacement of all string instances without regular expressions
  • minimist for portable, command-line options

You can use this single NPM command to install every Node.js module in the above list.

npm install js-yaml fs path include-all jsdom node-notifier esrever replaceall minimist

soon you will only need to download the repository!

Additional modules may be needed for nonbundled plugins; please consult the developer's GitHub repository for more information.


After installing the required Node.js modules discussed in the last section, you should be ready to go. Open up config.yaml with your favorite YAML text editor and find the key named token. Please set its value to your bot's token and place quotes around it.

You are now able to run Onebot! Find your directory in a command prompt and cd to it. Simply type node Onebot.js and you should be ready to go!

If you'd like to run two instances using the same source, use command-line options (Onebot's portable mode)! Here are some options you can do:

  • token uses the token given instead of the one found in the config.
  • prefix uses the prefix given instead of the one found in the config.

Here's an example of the portable mode:

node Onebot.js -token <NOT PUTTING THIS HERE> -prefix !


You can further customize Onebot to your liking!


You may revise Onebot's core as much as you wish, as long as it falls under the MIT license's guidelines. Plugins are also required to be on GitHub under the MIT license in order for the developers of Onebot to not have to listen to support questions about third-party code, because that's honestly annoying.




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