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An interactive site editor for Volcanic themes.

How to setup

  • hello
    • hello Clone this repository
git clone

cd to the downloaded folder.

Then run

npm install

Dev server

to run the dev server on localhost

npm start

Run this on a volcanic theme.


Build to production

To build and transpile the project run

npm run build

then to run the production code locally

npm run server

make sure that your build the project before running the server in production.

Run tests

For testing we are using Mocha & Chai and webpack with mocha-loader to run tests in the browser The following will open your browser and run the tests in the application interface directly

npm test

The test command will do 3 things:

  • Run all your unit tests in node environment ( to run only this you can run npm run test:cli).
  • Compile and build a development server and test files to run the tests in the browser ( to run only this you can run npm run test:e2e).
  • Lint your entire application ( to run only this you can run npm run lint).


you can lint everything you write in the src folder by running the command

npm run  lint

to try and auto fix some linting issues, run

npm run  lint:fix

When you run npm start, npm test or npm build the lint command will run.

Making new commits

Always make sure to run npm run build before you commit changes.

This project utilizes angular commit style for new commits.

Deploy to now

Always make sure to npm run build before you deploy. To test outside of your localhost run the following command and follow the instructions

now --public


We are using webpack to build the project with 3 types of configs:

  • Dev
  • Test
  • Production

more to come ... 👻

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