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Setting up the environment

Follow this steps to setup your development environment.

  1. Install NodeJS.
    It is highly recommended to use Node Version Manager (for Mac and Linux).
    A Windows version is also available.
  2. Install Yarn running npm install -g yarn.
  3. Open a terminal at the root folder of the project.
  4. Run yarn.


All commits should follow the patterns described by semantic-release.

<type>(<scope>): <subject>

Or its simpler version <type>(<scope>): <subject>. For example, a fix commit could be:

fix(Avatar): Avoided a bug that happened on IE11.

Or adding a new feature:

feat(Avatar): Allowed passing in a default avatar to show if the user's avatar cannot be loaded.

Starting the development environment

When all your dependencies are installed, you can follow this steps to build the project on your machine for development.

  1. Open a terminal at the root folder of the project.
  2. Run yarn start.

Running our linting tools

  1. Run yarn lint:css to run Stylelint.
  2. Run yarn lint:js to run ESLint.

Testing during development

  1. Open a terminal at the root folder of the project.
  2. Run yarn test -- --watch or yarn test -- --watch --silent.
  3. The tests will run.
  4. The tests will run again automatically when you change the code.


Make sure your commits follow the Committing section. And just push/merge to the master branch. The CI job will do the rest.

Frequent problems

yarn start is broken :(

If you meet some error when trying to run yarn start or yarn test, the most common cause is that someone has added or updated some new dependency into the project.

Run yarn to get your environment up to date.

Some tests keep failing unless I use --no-cache

If you have some tests that are always failing unless you use yarn test -- --no-cache, that means that the Jest cache is kind of broken. To fix this quickly:

  1. Run yarn test -- --showConfig
  2. Look for the value cacheDirectory
  3. Remove that directory manually




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