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Render Office MathML to image


Node module for converting Office MathML objects to images

Use npm to install package

npm install omml2img

The usage of module is very simple. All you need is pass to a function named renderFromString omml-text, options for renderer(optional) and callback. In that callback you will get the image data (if everything succes) or error (the Error instance if something went wrong). For example:

require('omml2img').renderFromString(string_with_omml, {file_type: 'jpeg', encoding: 'base64' },
    function(image, error){
            console.error('Oops :(', error);
            console.log('OK! The image is',;

There are few options that you can pass to a renderFromString function in options object:

  • encoding - In which encoding image data will be returned. Default - utf8
  • backgroundColor. Default - white
  • fontColor. Default - 40
  • file_type - File type for image. Default - png
  • remove_file - Do you need to delete image file after parsing. If not there will be file path in result object. Default - true.

Many of them identical with mml2xxx generator.

The module uses JEuclid that work on Java. So Java must be installed on machine. Also, module will work only on linux. Sorry for that. The libraries and programms you must install too use module:

  • libxml2 (libxml2-dev package for Debian-based distros)
  • libxslt (libxslt-dev package for Debian-based distros)
  • libexslt (libxslt-dev package for Debian-based distros)
  • xml2-config (Needs to be on PATH)
  • ImageMagick