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Module to emit OML measurement streams.

OML Client for Node.js

% npm install oml

An OML (client) module for node.js

Project status:

  • Expected to work

Not yet:

  • Completely stable APIs
  • Comprehensive tests
  • Measured test coverage
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Known to be used in production (if anyone is using it in production, do let me know)
var oml = require('oml');
// Initialise module first 
oml.init({appName: 'myApp'});
// Creating a measurement point called 'foo'  
// which will report the voltage of a specific generator 
var m1 ='foo', [['generator', oml.T.string], ['voltage', oml.T.int32]]);
// Send a measurement 
m1('gen1', 221);