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Omi - Next front end framework using web components with omio(IE8+) and omip(小程序) fallback in tiny js.

Ecosystem of Omi

Project Description
omi-docs Omi official documents
omip 直接使用 Omi 开发小程序或 H5 SPA!!!
omio Omi for old browsers(IE8+ and mobile browsers).
omiu Omi official UI
omix Tiny size mini programe framework.
omi-chart Simple HTML5 Charts using chart-x tag.
md2site Static Site Generator with markdown powered by Omio.
omi-mvvm MVVM comes back bravely with mappingjs strong support.
omi-html Using htm in omi.
omi-30-seconds Useful Omi snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds.
omi-canvas Perfect fusion of web components, jsx and canvas.
omi-mp Develop and generate Web HTML5 Single-Page Applications by wechat mini program. The output source is base on omi + omi-router
omi-router Omi official router in 1KB js. → DEMO
omi-devtools Browser DevTools extension
omi-cli Project scaffolding
omi-swiper Omi + Swiper
omi-vscode Vscode extension for omi, Install now!
omi-ex Omi.js extension(TypeScript)
omi-transform Omi / css3transform integration. Made css3 transform super easy in your Omi project.
omi-tap Native tap event support(omi v4.0.24+)
omi-finger Support touch and gesture events in your Omi project.
omi-touch Smooth scrolling, rotation, pull to refresh and any motion for the web.
omi-use React hooks like API
omi-native Render web components to native
omi-i18n Internationalization solution for omi.js using i18next ecosystem
omi-page Tiny client-side router by page

Why Omi?

  • Tiny size.
  • Supports TypeScript
  • Reactive data-binding
  • Excellent compatibility(IE8+) with omio
  • Real MVVM with mappingjs strong support
  • Enhanced CSS, rpx unit support base on 750 screen width
  • Compliance with browser trend and API design
  • Merge Web Components and JSX into one framework
  • Built in observe feature (No need to call this.update())
  • Web Components can also be a data-driven view, UI = fn(data).
  • JSX is the best development experience (code intelligent completion and tip) UI Expression with least grammatical noise and it's turing complete(template engine is not, es template string is but grammatical noise is too loud)
  • The original Path Updating system. Proxy-based automatic accurate update, low power consumption, high degree of freedom, excellent performance, easy integration of requestIdleCallback
  • Say goodbye to this.update method when using store system! It will automatically update UI partially when data is changed
  • Look at Facebook React vs Web Components,Omi combines their advantages and gives developers the freedom to choose the way they like
  • Shadow DOM merges with Virtual DOM, Omi uses both virtual DOM and real Shadow DOM to make view updates more accurate and faster
  • With a Store system, 99.9% of projects don't need time travel, and not only Redux can travel, please don't come up on Redux, Omi store system can meet all projects
  • Scoped CSS's best solution is Shadow DOM, the community churning out frameworks and libraries for Scoped CSS (using JS or JSON writing styles such as Radium, jsxstyle, react-style; binding to webpack using generated unique className filename-classname-hash, such as CSS Modules, Vue), are hack technologies; and Shadow DOM Style is the perfect solution.


Please contact us for any questions. Also, Add Omi QQ Group.



MIT © Tencent


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