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Omi - Front End Cross-Frameworks Framework

Merge Web Components, JSX, HTM, Virtual DOM, Functional style and Proxy into one framework with tiny size and high performance. Write components once, using in everywhere, such as Omi, React, Preact, Vue or Angular.

Quick Preview

Pass data through the component tree without having to pass props down manually at every level by store, auto update the view on demand.

import { define, render } from 'omi'
class Store {
  data = {
    count: 1
  sub = () => {
  add = () => {
define('my-counter', ['count'], _ => (
    <button onClick={}>-</button>
    <button onClick={}>+</button>
), {
    css: `span { color: red; }`,
    installed() {
render(<my-counter />, 'body', new Store)
  • The second and fourth parameter of define is optional
  • <my-counter></my-counter> can be used in any framework or no framework, such as document.createElement('my-counter')

Ecosystem of Omi


Project Description
omi-docs and codepen and wcd demos Omi official documents
omim Cross frameworks and themes components.(DOCS & REPL && JOIN US!)
omis and codepen and docs Functional Component + Store + Scoped Style + Web Components in tiny size
omi-kbone 直接使用 Omis 开发小程序或 Web,基于 kbone
omio Omi for old browsers with same api(IE8+)
omi-ssr Server-side rendering(support omio only)
omi-router Omi official router in 1KB js
omi-cli Project scaffolding. → Base Templates and → Other Templates
omi-devtools Browser DevTools extension
omiu Simple Omi UI
omil Webpack loader for Omi.js components.(DOCS)
omi-snippets A beautify VSCode extension for .omi or .eno file, Install now!
obaa or JSONPatcherProxy Observe or Proxy any object's any change

Snake MVP

Project Description
omi-snake The Snake-Eating Game Based on MVP Architecture Written by Omi
omi-kbone-snake omi-kbone 写的 MVP 架构的贪吃蛇小程序
react-snake The Snake-Eating Game Based on MVP Architecture Written by React

Mini Program(小程序)

Project Description
react-kbone 直接使用 React 开发小程序或 Web,基于 kbone
preact-kbone 直接使用 Preact 开发小程序或 Web,基于 kbone
omix 极小却精巧的小程序框架
omi-cloud 小程序•云开发
omip 直接使用 Omi 开发小程序或 H5 SPA
mps 原生小程序增强框架(JSX + Less 输出 WXML + WXSS),也支持 QQ 轻应用
cax 小程序 Canvas 和 SVG 渲染引擎
omi-mp 通过微信小程序开发和生成 Web 单页应用(H5 SPA)
westore 小程序状态管理
comi 小程序代码高亮和 markdown 渲染组件
wx-touch-event 基于 AlloyFinger/omi-finger 改造的小程序手势解决方案


Project Description
omi-piano Build piano with Omi and Omi Snippets, Enjoy now!
omi-chart Simple HTML5 Charts using chart-x tag.
md2site Static Site Generator with markdown powered by Omio.
omi-30-seconds Useful Omi snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds.
omi-canvas Perfect fusion of web components, jsx and canvas.
omi-swiper Omi + Swiper
omi-vscode VSCode extension for omi, Install now!
omi-ex Omi.js extension(TypeScript)
omi-transform Omi / css3transform integration. Made css3 transform super easy in your Omi project.
omi-finger Support touch and gesture events in your Omi project.
omi-touch Smooth scrolling, rotation, pull to refresh and any motion for the web.
omi-native Render web components to native
omi-i18n Internationalization solution for omi.js using i18next ecosystem
omi-page Tiny client-side router by page
omie Build cross platform desktop apps with Omi.js and Electron.js

Why Omi?

  • Tiny size and High performance
  • Cross framework(react, preact, vue, angular) custom elements by omi
  • One framework. Mobile & desktop & mini program
  • Be friendly to custom elements, you can pass false attributes to elements through string '0' or string 'flase', you can pass object attributes to elements through : prefix and Omi.$
  • Easy two way binding by extend api
  • Supports TypeScript
  • Reactive data-binding
  • Native tap event support
  • Having Cross-frameworks UI components - omim
  • Excellent compatibility(IE8+) with omio
  • Enhanced CSS, rpx unit support base on 750 screen width
  • Compliance with browser trend and API design
  • Merge Web Components, JSX and HTM into one framework
  • Web Components can also be a data-driven view, UI = fn(data).
  • JSX is the best development experience (code intelligent completion and tip) UI Expression with least grammatical noise and it's turing complete(template engine is not, es template string is but grammatical noise is too loud)
  • Look at Facebook React vs Web Components,Omi combines their advantages and gives developers the freedom to choose the way they like
  • Shadow DOM merges with Virtual DOM, Omi uses both virtual DOM and real Shadow DOM to make view updates more accurate and faster
  • Scoped CSS's best solution is Shadow DOM, the community churning out frameworks and libraries for Scoped CSS (using JS or JSON writing styles such as Radium, jsxstyle, react-style; binding to webpack using generated unique className filename-classname-hash, such as CSS Modules, Vue), are hack technologies; and Shadow DOM Style is the perfect solution.
  • The original Path Updating store system. Proxy-based automatic accurate update, low power consumption, high degree of freedom, excellent performance, easy integration of requestIdleCallback,It will automatically update UI partially when data is changed

Compare TodoApp by Omi and React, Omi and React rendering DOM structure:

Omi React
Omi React

Omi uses Shadow DOM based style isolation and semantic structure.

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Build a example:

npm start example_name

Build omi:

npm run build

Unit testing

npm run test


Please contact us for any questions. Also, Add Omi QQ Group.



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