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Olebeh Music Player

A fast and productive music player library for discord.js

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Install olebeh-music-player

$ npm install --save olebeh-music-player

Install @discordjs/opus

$ npm install --save @discordjs/opus

NOTE: Package needs discord.js framework in order to work. Your may still use any other library for your bot, but note that this package will install it.

Install FFmpeg


  • Beginner friendly 🆕
  • Very simple usage
  • Fast and productive 🥇
  • Can be used on many servers at time 🌆
  • Very flexible, provides full control on what is streamed right now

Get started

First of all, choose your language specification: TypeScript or JavaScript. TypeScript is highly recommended for use

Let's build a very simple bot to play music in voice channel

Use these links to view examples for TypeScript or JavaScript:

Supported apps

For now, Olebeh Music Player only supports YouTube, Spotify and direct link to media files. Spotify is only available if you will provide your Spotify's app credentials

More options

Porviding apps credentials

Fetching data from Spotify only available if you have own Spotify app. It can be created easily following this tutorial

Providing your credential to the Player

const player = new Player(client, {
  authorization: {
    youtube: {
      cookie: 'YOUR_YOUTUBE_COOKIE'
    spotify: {
      client_id: 'CLIENT_ID'
      client_secret: 'CLIENT_SECRET'
      refresh_token: 'REFRESH_TOKEN'
      market: 'MARKET'

Obtaining required credentials

  • For obtaining YouTube cookie, follow this guide
  • For obtaining Spotify credentials, follow this guide

For now, that's it. Thanks for using this library, any issues can be reported here

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