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[Olay] implemented as a [React] component.


Olay implemented as a React component.

bower install olay-react


npm install olay-react

OlayReact supports all of the modern browsers out of the box. To support older versions of IE (<= 9), you will need to include a shim to add classList support.

OlayReact is a normal React component. To open or close the Olay, simply add or remove a child element to the Olay component.

Provide a close function to be invoked when an action has dictated that the Olay should be closed. This function should ensure the OlayReact component will have no children in it the next time render is called. See the test file for an example of using React state to manage the state of the Olay's visibility.

The name of the transition to use, defaults to olay-fade which is provided in olay-react.css.

Boolean values that determine when transitions should be used, each default to true.

Render children inside of the OlayReact component to open an Olay with those children. Render no children to hide the Olay.

Check out the test file for a full example.

  • Preventing tab-focusing from leaving the Olay is not implemented. The only solutions I've found (including the one orgsync/olay uses) are quite hacky.