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ol-photon project

It's a direct port of Leaflet-photon code available at https://github.com/komoot/leaflet.photon

The Leaflet demo is in production for the French BANO (Base Adresse Nationale Ouverte), a database dedicated to French adresses. You can see it in action at http://adresse.data.gouv.fr/map/

For the OpenLayers 3 project, we changed some parts and although we didn't try it in other projections, it should work with any projections.

We made the component so you can choose to use:

  • an OpenLayers control (hence you can do the map.addControl stuff)
  • a simple html container using standalone functions without using OpenLayers controls mechanism (although you are tied to OpenLayers for the zoom part.

You can see a demo in action

Feel free to open an issue if you see some errors or improvements to do.

You can also directly contact us at contact(at)@webgeodatavore.com or ping us on Twitter


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