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    OpenLayers - Google Maps integration library. Create a map using OpenLayers 3 with the possibility to use Google Maps as base map and much more.



    • Layers (Google, Vector)
    • Vector features (style, geometry)


    You can install OL3-Google-Maps via npm:

    npm install ol3-google-maps --save

    Quick start

    To use OL3-Google-Maps, first you need to load Google Maps API. It's important to load Google Maps API before OL3-Google-Maps. You also need to use your own Google Maps API key.


    Then, load the OL3-Google-Maps script included in the tarball of the version you downloaded, which already includes OpenLayers so you don't need to load OpenLayers too. See the Releases section to download the latest version.

    <script type="text/javascript" src="ol3gm.js"></script>

    It is recommended to load the CSS file included in there as well.

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ol3gm.css" type="text/css" />

    Then, in your existing OpenLayers application, activate OL3-Google-Maps. Here's a simple example:

    var center = [-7908084, 6177492];
    // This dummy layer tells Google Maps to switch to its default map type
    var googleLayer = new olgm.layer.Google();
    var map = new ol.Map({
      // use OL3-Google-Maps recommended default interactions
      interactions: olgm.interaction.defaults(),
      layers: [
      target: 'map',
      view: new ol.View({
        center: center,
        zoom: 12
    var olGM = new olgm.OLGoogleMaps({map: map}); // map is the ol.Map instance

    Live examples

    See OL3-Google-Maps in action:

    See all other examples at:


    See the developing instructions if you want to contribute new features or patches to OL3-Google-Maps.

    Note that contributions have to meet some minimum quality requirements in order to be included in the official package, but that's the same as with any mature open source project.

    Known Limitations

    Please see the known limitations of this library in details.

    Bugs and issues

    For bugs or feature requests, use the issue tracker

    If you need help with the library, use StackOverflow under the ol3-google-maps tag

    Our commitment

    We, at Mapgears, are definitely committed to continuing to support this project as long as it will make sense to do so. We use it for our own products and for projects with our customers, and will continue to make it evolve and address issues as we go as part of that work.

    However, just like with any open source project, its development is driven by the funding we can get through customer projects, so if there are some limitations or issues that are important to you and your organization, we'd be happy to provide you a quote for a support package or for working on those specific limitations, and of course you are also welcome to work on them yourself and contribute the fix.


    npm i ol3-google-maps

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