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A thin wrapper for OpenLayers3 in React.

The goal is to be able to write applications using OpenLayers maps in a declarative way. For example, the following is JSX, which can be returned by the render() method on a React component, to generate a map with a red square near the equator.

<Map view=<View resolution={10000} center={[0, 0]}/>>
    <source.OSM />
      <Feature style={{stroke: {color: [255, 0, 0, 1]}}}>
          {[[0, 0], [100000, 0], [100000, 100000], [0, 100000]]}

To understand what each element does, read the OpenLayers API documentation.

It's early days! If you're familiar with react and/or openlayers and are interested in helping, please get in touch. Available on github and npm.

I am especially interested in assistance with having each component be optionally controlled. This would allow binding of the components with, say, Redux and for sophisticated state management outside of OpenLayers.