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OpenLayers Application Setup Generator

Creates a basic OpenLayers application setup


npm install -g ol-app-setup


See ol-app-setup --help for detailed usage.

Usage: ol-app-setup [options]


-h, --help                      output usage information
-t, --target <folder>           Path to create the app within (required)
-v, --olversion <majorversion>  Defines the library profile to be used for the app setup. Valid options are "ol3" and "ol2". (Default is "ol3")
-j, --jquery                    Includes jQuery in your app setup
-b, --bootstrap                 Includes bootstrap in your app setup
-s, --server                    Start an internal web server on localhost:8888

Example calls

Create a simple OpenLayers 3 app

ol-app-setup -t /tmp/foo

Create a simple OpenLayers 2 app

ol-app-setup -t /tmp/foo -v ol2

Create an ol3 app with jQuery and bootstrap

ol-app-setup -t /tmp/foo -v ol3 --jquery --bootstrap

Create an ol3 app and start an internal web server to explore the map

ol-app-setup -t /tmp/foo -v ol3 -s