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Oixi2 -- Componentized development for PixiJs 6


npm install oixi2

//Vanilla JS
<script src="oixi2.umd.min.js"></script>


import { OText } from 'oixi2'

//Vanilla JS
const OText = oixi2.OText


Need to refer to the demo source code to understand Oixi2 Oixi2 Demo

Code style

Create a Container and addChild a Text that with anchor.set(.5) and with text='Hello Oixi2!'

  OText('anchor=0.5', 'Hello Oixi2!')

OXS function

Its capabilities are initialize properties and add children

oxs<T>(target: T, attributes?: string, slots?: Container[], template?: () => Container[]): T
  • target: The display object instance that needs to be initialized

  • attributes: String template for initializing properties, separated by spaces

The attribute beginning with # means to set name=* and assign it to the member of the ancestor container with the same name

The attribute beginning with @ means to listen for event, and the event handle function has been bound to the ancestor container as this. The following events automatically set interactive=true:tap,touchstart,touchmove,touchend,click,mousedown,mousemove,mouseup,pointertap,pointerdown,pointermove,pointerup

Other attributes means the attribute value of the target object to be set (only members of type number or ObservablePoint can be set)

oxs(new Sprite, '#foo @tap=onTap anchor=0.5 position.x=0 x=0')

Parsed as follows, parent may be any ancestor container

target.name = 'foo'
target.on('tap', parent.onTap)
target.position.x = 0
target.x = 0

//Need to be defined in parent
foo:Sprite = null
onTap() {}
  • slots: The list of children dynamically added to the target. If the component uses the template, the children will be addChild to the object(#slot) which specified in the template

  • template: A list of preset children in the component

Both slots and templates support the following forms, essentially inheriting the container's display object list

  OText('#label', 'Hello!'), //Built-in components
  CustomComponent(), //Custom component
  new Sprite() //Plain

Recommended custom component format

export function Component(attributes: string) {
  return ox(new XComponent, attributes, () => [
    OText('#title', 'Hello Oixi2!'),
      OSprite('#cats', 'cat.png'),
      OSprite('#cats', 'cat.png')

class XComponent extends Container {
  //Note that this needs to be set to null
  title: Text = null 

  //Use an array to contain multiple #names
  cats: Sprite[] = []

  created() {
    //the component has been initialized. eg. this.title...
    return this

Reference in other components

import { Component } from './Component'

Component('x=0 y=0')


npm i oixi2

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