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what it does?
'takes' over client side emitting and transfers it using jQuery $.ajax get jsonp

install oi.tekcos using npm

npm install -g oi.tekcos

server side usage:

// returns the same object like require('').listen(1337)  
io = require('oi.tekcos').listen(1337)  

client side usage:

<script src="/"></script>  
<script src="/oi.tekcos/oi.tekcos.js"></script>  
    // just like so readup at  
    var socket = io.connect('http://localhost:1337');  
  • yes, include original, if you wont include oi.tekcos.js in the client side the server side wont be affected
  • oi.tekcos uses $.ajax (using jQuery. dont care about other libs) to preform the jsonp-get requests

why you ask?
because already wrote a project using (and loving it!) but for my misfourten the mobile client that my organization uses is a lame Nokia E72 w/ SymbianOS, that from some reason stopped reciving and emiting events after a couple of client side emits (client emits server). i noticed that when i only recive events (server emiting client) it works fine. so i did this workaround using jQuery $.ajax call that maps to an express server. the server get those 'get jsonp' requests and then routes it to the interface and returns a response to the client (a callback function, just like the api) . yes. its shite... but i tried to be as clean as possible.

more info will come in the future...