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Here I go, reinventing the wheel again..

Pullstreams but different

mutationless lazy streaming.

pipeline methods are of the signature:

    (any...) => sourceNext(error, result, newNext) => destination(error, result, newNext)


  • (any...) initialises a piece into its next state for producing a value
  • sourceNext(error, result, newNext) is used to get the next value
  • destination(error, result, newNext) is used to pass a result (error or success) AND a method to call for the next value

Propagate end of stream

A piece knows its upstream has no more data if it doesn't pass a next function. Generally only sinks act on this state, as upstream pieces won't be called once the sink knows there's nothing left to ask for.

var concat = (all = []) => next => produce => {
    next(produce && function(error, item, newNext){

        // If there is nothing left to get, the stream is complete.
        if(error || !newNext){
            return produce(error, all);


Propagate cancelation

A piece knows its downstream doesn't want any more data if it doesn't pass a produce function.

var limit = max => next => produce => {
    // something downstream doesn't want more data, just propagate that message upstream.
        return next();

    // We have enough data, don't produce more, and let downstream know we are done.
    if(max <= 0){
        next(); // cancel upstream
        produce(); // end downstream

    next(function(error, item, newNext){
        produce(error, item, newNext && limit(max - 1)(newNext));