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A modern wrapper for


Thin wrapper for with glob-pattern matching.

var watcher = new Ogle(['lib/some-dir/', 'lib/some-dir/*.js']);
watcher.on('add', function(dirnewFile) {
  console.log("File %s added to directory %s", newFile, dir);
watcher.on('change', function(filePath) {
  console.log("File %s changed", filePath);
watcher.on('remove', function(filePath) {
  console.log("File %s was deleted", filePath);
watcher.on('all', function(eventfilePathotherPath) {
  switch(event) {
    case 'add':
      console.log("File %s added to directory %s", filePath, otherPath);
    case 'change':
      console.log("File %s changed", filePath);
    case 'remove':
      console.log("File %s deleted", filePath);

There are already many wrappers on Unfortunately, non of them seemed to be usable without making sacrifices. Ogle chooses the following advantages:

  • glob pattern matching
  • all/remove/change events on files
  • all/add/remove/change events on directories
  • Auto-adding of listeners for new files in directories (if we are watching the directory)
  • Use of instead of fs.watchFile. See here for why.

Coming soon...