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npm wrapper for the OcotoPrint REST API, Still largely incomplete


  • api_version() - Retrieve information regarding server and API version.


  • getPrinterConnection() - Retrieve the current connection settings, including information regarding the available baudrates and serial ports and the current connection state.version.
  • connectToPrinter() - Instructs OctoPrint to connect to the printer
  • disconnectFromPrinter() - Instructs OctoPrint to disconnect from the printer.
  • fakeAckToPrinter() - NOT YET IMPLIMENTED


  • getAllFiles() - Retrieve information regarding all files currently available and regarding the disk space still available locally in the system.
  • getFilesFromFolder() - Retrieve information regarding the files currently available on the selected location.
  • sendFile() - Upload a file to the selected location, and select or print.
  • createFolder() - create a new empty folder on the file system
  • deleteFolder() - delete folder on the file system
  • fileDetails() - NOT YET IMPLIMENTED
  • selectFile() - NOT YET IMPLIMENTED
  • sliceFile() - NOT YET IMPLIMENTED
  • copyFile() - NOT YET IMPLIMENTED
  • moveFile() - NOT YET IMPLIMENTED
  • deleteFile() - NOT YET IMPLIMENTED


-jobStatus() - Retrieve information about the current job (if there is one).