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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDK for TypeScript and JavaScript

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This is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDK for TypeScript and JavaScript. This project is open source and maintained by Oracle Corp. The home page for the project is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDK for TypeScript and JavaScript.


Use the following command to install this SDK:

npm install oci-sdk

Alternatively you can git clone this repo.

Working with the SDK for TypeScript and JavaScript

To start working with the SDK for TypeScript and JavaScript, you import the service package, create a client, and then use that client to make calls. Refer to examples section for examples on how to make requests.


Before using the SDK, set up a config file with the required credentials. See SDK and Tool Configuration for instructions.

Organization of the SDK

The oci-typescript-sdk contains the following:

  • Service packages: All packages except common and any other package found inside lib. These packages represent the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services supported by the SDK for TypeScript and JavaScript. Each package represents a service. These packages include methods to interact with the service, structs that model input and output parameters, and a client struct that acts as receiver for the above methods.

  • Common package: Found in the common directory. The common package provides supporting functions and structs used by service packages. Includes HTTP request/response (de)serialization, request signing, JSON parsing, pointer to reference and other helper functions. Most of the functions in this package are meant to be used by the service packages.


Examples can be found in the examples section


Full documentation can be found on the sdk for typescript and javascript documentation site.

Versions Supported

The SDK for TypeScript and JavaScript currently supports NodeJS version 14 & 16 and TypeScript version 4.1.3.

Node & Browser Support

The SDK for TypeScript and JavaScript currently supports NodeJS but does not have browser support.



oci-typescript-sdk is an open source project. See CONTRIBUTING for details.

Oracle gratefully acknowledges the contributions to oci-typescript-sdk that have been made by the community.


Copyright (c) 2020, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This software is dual-licensed to you under the Universal Permissive License (UPL) 1.0 as shown at https://oss.oracle.com/licenses/upl or Apache License 2.0 as shown at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0. You may choose either license.

See LICENSE for more details.



Known Issues

  • You can find information on any known issues with the SDK at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Known Issues and under the Issues tab of this project's GitHub repository.
  • JavaScript numbers have rounding issues for number greater than Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER, APIs with responses that contain number greater than Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER may result in rounding issues.




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