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    Resource packager and backup utility


    Ochre (oh-kər) is a resource archival utility, designed to allow easy packaging, transferral and extraction of different types of resources. It was originally started as a machine backup system, but expanded to become a more broad-use tool.

    Ochre is written entirely in JavaScript and is designed to run on NodeJS. Due to its heavy reliance on Node's fs module, it is not suitable for use within a browser.


    Ochre should be installed globally and used as such:

    npm install -g ochre

    Depending on your operating system, the above command may need to be run with sudo.

    Ochre does not support windows.


    To get help using the command line tool, once installed, simply enter ochre --help.

    Ochre supports 2 modes of operation: archiving and extraction.

    # Archive some files defined in a configuration file 
    ochre config.ochre.json -a --output=myArchive.ochre
    # Extract files from an archive 
    ochre myArchive.ochre -e
    # Show help and other arguments 
    ochre --help

    Ochre makes use of a configuration file to perform archiving of resources.


    Ochre comes with no guarantee for data safety or availability. Even when it becomes stable, it is at your own peril if you choose to use it to store sensitive data.

    Development and contributing

    The source directory holds the actual library, with index.js exposing the necessary methods for public consumption. cli.js in the root is used for the CLI executable. Tests are in the test directory.

    To run the tests, simply execute npm test.

    When contributing to Ochre, please make sure that you run all the necessary checks (with npm test) before making a PR. Most editors provide plugins to allow eslint to check your code as you go. If you add more functionality be sure to add covering tests.

    An .editorconfig is also provided for easy configuration of supporting editors (such as Microsoft's VSCode). All contributions are expected to follow the same style as the rest of the project, and the editor configuration is designed to help with that.




    npm i ochre

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