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What is it ?

Oca is a framework designed to help building apps across multiple domains. You can use it to build any kind of application whether web based or desktop ones.

How does it work ?

It works by providing an interface focused to describe evaluations in a way that is fairly extendable and comprehensible through a process that minimize repetitive thedeus routines (DRY) and produces a more versatile code base.

These evaluations can be triggered across multiple domains you write once and Oca takes care about the specifics that are necessary to run the evaluation.

Key features

  • Flexible architeture. Oca can be integrated to any existing application. Also, it's designed from ground up to be customizable and extendable

  • Reliable executions. Oca enforces quality control over the data used in the evaluations by performing a wide range of verifications

  • Agnostic execution platform. Evaluations in Oca can be executed across multiple domains

  • Integrated caching system. Oca provides out-the-box integrated caching system that can be easily enabled for any evaluation, speeding up your application

  • Express integration. The web support from Oca is done using express, embracing the most popular web framework for Node.js

  • RESTful support. Evaluations can be executed through REST automatically

  • Console support. By using Oca your evaluations can be executed through command-line interfaces following docopt specifications.



Oca is built using modern specs ES6/ES7, it requires Node.js version 6 or greater


npm install oca --save

Getting help

Use the GitHub issues for tracking bugs and feature requests. Also, feel free to talk about Oca at:


Oca development discussions and bug reports are collected on Issues


Contributions are welcome to Oca. It can be made through many different forms depending on your level of interest:

  • Participating in gitter discussions
  • Proposing features
  • Reporting issues
  • Making improvements (adding new features, improving the existing features, adding tests, adding testutils, clarifying wording and fixing errors)


Oca was inspired by:


Oca is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT License