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Obsidian Community Lib

This is a community-maintaned library of commonly used functions when developing Obsidian plugins.

To use the library in your plugin:

  1. Install it using npm i obsidian-community-lib,
  2. Then grab functions out of the library using import { function } from "obsidian-community-lib".

Read more about the included methods here.


Disclaimer: By contributing to this repository, you grant the maintainer an irrevocable license to use the contribution under the license specified in the LICENSE file found in the root of this repository. The maintainer of this project can choose to change the license, or transfer maintainer status at any time. Every contributor must not infringe any copyright in their contribution.

This library is very much made for everyone to use and contribute to. If you would like to add a function or edit existing functions, please submit a pull request with your changes.

To add new functions, go to src/utils.ts and add your code as an exported function. You can also add an entirely new file under src to better organise everything!

Then, go to src/index.ts and export your functions from the appropriate file. See src/index.ts for examples of how to do this.

Conventional Commits

In your commit messages, it is highly encouraged for you to use the Conventional Commits format. This helps keep everything standardised, and allows us to automatically create a changelog file using the commit messages.

VS Code has a conventional commits extension you can use to make this even easier!

TS Doc

In order to make your functions more useable for others, please consider using TS Doc to document your code in a standardised way.

This will show a nicely formatted description of your function when a user hovers over it:

VS Code has an extension to automate alot of this process based on the type declarations in the function definition:




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