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Observatory Build Status

Beautiful UI for showing tasks running on the command line.


Instead of just logging long running tasks to the console, give your users a simple status dashboard.



$ npm -g install observatory


node ./examples/buzzwords.js

An example using fake data that tries to look like a real-world usage.

node ./examples/long-line.js

An example of what happens when text is so long it needs to wrap to another line.

Usage Example

var observatory = require('observatory');
//add a task to display 
var task = observatory.add('Install packages...');
//while working on the task, update the status 
task.running('Copying Files');
//optionally give details 
task.details(percent + '' + filename);
//chain commands 
task.status('Compressing Images')
//when complete 
//or if it failed'Ooops');


[Test Runner] Running tests on Safari  Running Now  50%  CSS3 Tests
⇧ prefix      ⇧ description            ⇧ status     ⇧ details



description string Required description.
returns a new task

Adds a task to the console. This method returns a task object, you should store it in a variable so you can use it for the methods bellow.

var copyFilesTask = observatory.add('Copy files');

Task Methods

All task methods return the task object so that you can chain functions, such as task.done().status('Installed!');.


statusLabel string Set the status value.

Displays a short message to the right of the description. Use it to show users in a word or two that suggests what is happening.


  • task.status('Downloading');
  • task.status('Running');
  • task.status('Complete');


detailsLabel string Set the details value.

Optional provide details about what's happening, such as file names, urls, tests names.


  • task.details('Copying var/tmp/whatever to var/whater/tmp');
  • task.details('Compressing bigimage.png');
  • task.details('Testing services');


statusLabel string Set the status value. Default: ✓ Done.

  • task.done();
  • task.done('Compressed!')

statusLabel string Set the status value. Default: ✗ Failed.

  • `'Disconnected');

Override Settings


Tweak how tasks are rendered.


  • width Integer, width in characters of the description and status area. This is used to right justify the status. Default is 55.
  • prefix Sting, Text to prepend each line. Default is ' ⫸ '.
  • write Function(content). Writes the content to the output. Defaults to process.stdout.write.
  • formatStatus Function(statusLabel, STATE)

returns observatory so you can use it on the require statement.

var observatory = require('observatory').settings({
  prefix: '[bower] '.white


A constant for the different states. Only useful if you need to change formatStatus above.

The values:

  • Defaults to using default console color.
  • observatory.STATE.done Defaults to using green.
  • Defaults to using red.



  • My coworker Nick at Opower for inspiring the need for this library.
  • Bower, inspiring the clean layout.
  • Inqurire.js, for showing console apps can have a nice UI.

Release History

  • 15 October 2015 - 1.0.0 - Update dependencies, fix tests and bugs thanks to @rstacruz.
  • 20 October 2013 - 0.1.0 - Some cleanup thanks to @nickheiner, new write method.
  • 15 October 2013 - 0.0.1 - First version


Copyright (c) 2015 Dylan Greene
Licensed under the MIT license.