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by Jason Yung -

no nonsense obfuscation for html/css based frontend applications

Installing to Command Line

$ npm install -g obscure

Basic Usage

$ obscure style.css --apply index.html

This will grab all ids and classes (which I'm calling definitions) from style.css to be obfuscated, and apply that obfuscation to index.html (as well as style.css itself)

Output Directory

$ obscure style.css --apply index.html --output ./obfuscated

Use --output to specify where the obfuscated source files will be written


$ obscure style.css --exclude bootstrap.css

You might have some definitions in you CSS that should not be obfuscated. No problem, just --exclude

Batch Support

Most likely you will be obfuscating multiple source files together.
Here's some examples on how to get that done:

$ obscure style.css,other.css --apply index.html,other.html
$ obscure *.css --apply *.html
$ obscure *.css,app/style.css --apply *.html,app/index.html