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OBJY Catalog

A collection of adapters for using the right technologies for specific use cases and building domain specific object families.

Getting Started

OBJY Mappers are written in JavaScript and can be installed along with the OBJY Framework. They are used to define custom Object Families with the fitting technologies underneath.

There are three types of mappers: Persistence, Processing and Observation.

Mapper Type Description Examples
Persistence Used to store objects and delegate CRUD operations Database Systems, File Systems or Caches.
Processor Used to execute object actions, event actions and handler actions Anything that executes JS Code, like eval or the VM Module. Can be proxied with Messaging Systems.
Observer Observes object events and execute their actions. Cron-based solutions or event schedulers



npm install objy-catalog


Let's create an Object Family that uses the following mappers:

const CATALOG = require('objy-catalog');

// Define an object family
   name : "Object",
   pluralName: "Objects",
   persistence: new CATALOG.mappers.storage.mongo(),
   observer: new CATALOG.mappers.observers.interval(),
   processor: new CATALOG.mappers.processors.eval()

// Use the object family's constructor
OBJY.Object({name: "Hello World"}).add(function(data)

Build your own mapper - extend the ecosystem

If you need a mapper that doesn't exist yet, you can simply build it yourself. Each mapper type must follow a predefined structure, that can be found inside the templates directory. You can use these template files as a starting point.

Why build a new mapper?

Building mappers is the best way to participate in the OBJY Ecosystem.

Every use case may have different requirements for the technologies used. By matching requirements and technical solutions, the best results can be archieved.

With many different mappers for different technologies, OBJY can be used to build programs for a varaity of different use cases and domains.

Natively integrate third party systems

Mappers can also be used to connect to third party systems and introduce external data as OBJY objects. TBD...


Please read CONTRIBUTING.md for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


This project itself is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details.


npm i objy-catalog

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