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A generic object pool which you can use for reducing object allocations when you're creating and removing lots of objects in quick succession. Or just to recycle objects, which is handy in cases such as game development.


npm install object-pool


pool = require('object-pool')([options])

Creates a new object pool, taking the following arguments:

  • init: a factory method which should return a freshly created object.
  • initSize: a number to specify the initial size of reserved objects in the pool
  • enable: called on an object when it's added to the pool.
  • disable: called on an object when it's being removed from the pool.
  • key: this module stores a reference to each node on each object. Use this option to change the key it uses. Defaults to __pool_node__.


Returns a fresh object from the pool. If there aren't any objects left in the reserve, this will call init to create a new object and then enable on the object to get it set up. Otherwise, this will retrieve an object from the reserve and just call enable on it.


Removes an object from the pool, adding it to a reserve list to use later and calling disable on it.


Empties the "reserve" list of leftover objects.