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Executes a function on each of an objects own enumerable properties. The callback function will receive three arguments: the value of the current property, the name of the property, and the object being processed. This is roughly equivalent to the signature for callbacks to Array.prototype.forEach.


npm install object-foreach


In node:

var objectForeach = require('object-foreach');
var x = {
            a : 'v',
            b : 'v',
            c : 'v',
            d : 'v'
        objectForeach(x, function (val, prop, obj) {
            obj[prop] = 'y';
console.log(x); // {a:'y', b:'y', c:'y', d:'y'}

In the browser, include ./browser/object-foreach_web.js in your page. objectForeach will be available in your page.