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Obi Caller ID Name Growl Notifications

Sends Caller ID and Name information to Growl on your Mac (or Windows PC) from your Obihai ATA device

Imports contact name information from Outlook 2011 and Address Book on startup of service

If contact information is not available then it looks up CNAM information from opencam (

Installation for Mac

Install Node JS

Install Growl from AppStore

Install growlnotify command line application

Install obicallerid using Node Package Manager

$ sudo npm install -g obicallerid

Installation for Windows

Install Node JS

Install Growl for Windows

Install growlnotify

Install obicallerid using node package manager

$ npm install -g obicallerid

Obi Setup

In Obitalk website -> Obi Expert Config

System Management -> Device Admin
    Server =  <IP Address of where you are running obicallerid>
    Port = 7000
    Level = 7
Voice Service -> SPx Service
  X_SipDebugOption = Log All Except REGISTER Message


$ cd <dir of your choice>
$ obicallerid
  • info messages will be output to console
  • debug messages will be logged to output.log

Installing as a service


Copyright (c) 2012 Shawn Bissell Licensed under the MIT license.