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OAuth2 client library for Node.js


oauth2-warp is a simple oauth2 framework that supports popular oauth2 providers.

You can install by npm:

npm install oauth2-warp

Import oauth2-warp:

var oauth2 = require('oauth2-warp');

Create the oauth2 provider with name, client_id, client_secret and redirect_uri:

var provider = oauth2.createProvider('facebook', {
    client_id: 'your-app-key',
    client_secret: 'your-app-secret',
    redirect_uri: ''

You can find name list under directory providers.

Copy the authenticate URL and view in browser:


You should loggin in browser and be redirect to your You should get a 404 error but there is code parameter you can copy from the address bar:

var code = 'copy code parameter from browser to here';

    code: code
}, function(err, r) {
    if (err) {
    else {
        console.log('Authentication >>> ' + JSON.stringify(r));

You should get authentication information as an object:

    name: 'user name',
    auth_id: 'unique-id', // unique id from oauth provider
    url: 'http://user/home/page', // or empty
    image_url: 'http://image-url/', // or empty
    access_token: 'abc123xyz',
    refresh_token: 'xyz123abc', // or empty
    expires_in: 36000 // access token will expire in seconds


You can add your own oauth2 provider: